Soft Hop Mini Rex Rabbits

Soft Hop Mini Rex Rabbts in Wenatchee, WA

                         IN THE NESTBOX!!


If you see something you're

interested in please inquire.

Some of these will be for sale!!


BORN:  1-31-2013

Dam:  Rabbit Run's Caramel Latte (Broken Tort)

Sire:  Rabbit Run's Harley (REW)


1 Broken Otter Doe

2 Broken Black Does (1 SOLD)

1 Black Buck (SOLD)


Born:  2-14-2013

Dam:  KK'S Rumor Has It (Black)

Sire:  KT'S Turbo-Charged (Black Otter)


1 Black Otter Doe

1 Black Otter Buck 



Born:  2-19-2013

Dam:  Soft Hop Tic Tac (Broken Black)

Sire:  KT'S Turbo-Charged (Black Otter)


3 Black Otter Bucks ( 2 For Sale)

1 Broken Otter Buck (For Sale)

Born:  2-24-2013

Dam: Soft Hop Drops of Jupiter (Black Otter)

Sire:  KT'S Turbo-Charged (Black Otter)


1 Black Otter (For Sale)

Will sell as Pet or Brood  (1 ear was nipped in nestbox)

BORN:  3-30-12

Dam:  Sweetbriar's Snickers (Chocolate)

Sire:  Soft Hop Gale  (Broken Chocolate)


1 Broken Chocolate

1 Lilac?? 

Born:  2-26-2013

Dam:  FFR'S Tequila Sunrise (Broken Blue)

Sire:  KT's Turbo-Charged (Black Otter)


2 Black Otter Does

1 Broken Black Otter Doe


Born:  3-31-2013

Dam:  FFR'S Amarillo Skye (Blue)

Sire:  KT'S Blue Again (Blue)


8 Blue!!!  

(WOW, Big Litter) 



Born:  3-21-2013

Dam:  CDick's Piemiento (Siamese)

Sire:  CDick's Marley (Siamese)


3 Siamese